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Message IQ Transforms Your Business Communication with a 98% Open Rate!

Your Customers WANT You to Text Them

In a world where emails get lost in the clutter, your vital business communications are being ignored. Missed messages mean missed opportunities, leading to frustrated teams and dissatisfied customers.

Write the best, most compelling email subject line and it won’t hold a candle to the engagement rate you will get from text messages. Smartphone users pick up their phones 96 times a day.

22.5% open rate

98% open rate

Revolutionize Your Communication Strategy

With our seamless HubSpot integration, your messages will never go unnoticed again. Message IQ helps you create automated texts, send 1:1 messages and report on its performance, so all contacts can be reached.

Communicate on your customers’ terms.

Send SMS Messages From HubSpot Just Like Email

Easily send texts, images, and videos directly through HubSpot, ensuring your message stands out. Our deep HubSpot integration allows you to seamlessly add SMS to your workflows and track events on contact, deal, and company records.

Track. Everything.


Imagine a world where every message you send gets read almost instantly. Increased engagement, happier customers, and a more efficient team.

We see a 70%+ conversion rate with Message IQ. That’s far better than any other channel.


Manufacturing Industry

Message IQ enables us to automate collections and recapture of non-renewing customers with fantastic results.

Marketing Director

Fortune 500 Insurance Agency

Join countless businesses experiencing a 98% open rate and transforming their communication strategy.

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15x response times than email
400% better open rate than email
25% better delivery rate than email

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Fully compliant with industry regulations, ensuring your peace of mind.

Automated Messaging

Send SMS messages from a HubSpot workflow just like email.

SMS Blasts

Create a HubSpot list and send text messages to any group of contacts.

Everything logged in HubSpot

Any message or call gets logged on your contact timeline just like an email.

1:1 Messaging

Message someone inside HubSpot from a contact, company, ticket or deal record.

Manage Conversations

Easily see and respond to any incoming text message to your company.
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