Text messaging has a 98% open rate and tremendous response rate.

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Text messaging reigns supreme as the best way to get your messages read and with a 45% response rate, it’s a great way to engage your leads and customers. This guide unlocks the potential of SMS within your business strategy. Whether you’re a sales rep closing deals, a marketer generating leads, or an operations pro streamlining communication, SMS
can supercharge your efforts.

Inside, you’ll find the knowledge and resources needed to seamlessly integrate SMS into your toolkit. From boosting customer engagement and conversions to driving satisfaction, this guide empowers you to leverage the power of text messaging for success. You’ll delve into specific ways
Message IQ can transform your communication strategy, showcasing real-world examples and practical tips gleaned from years of experience.

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Emails have a 22.5% open rate. Text messages have a 98% open rate. Write the best, most compelling email subject line and it won’t hold a candle to the engagement rate you will get from text messages. Smartphone users pick up their phones 96 times a day.

Send text messages in HubSpot just like email

If you know how to send HubSpot emails, you are already trained to send text messages, images and videos through workflows and 1:1 messages from a contact, company, deal or ticket.

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Communicate on your customers’ terms.

Did you know 52% of contacts prefer text over email? Message IQ helps you create automated texts, send 1:1 messages and report on its performance, so all contacts can be reached.

Deepest HubSpot Integration

Track. Everything. Our deep HubSpot integration allows you to seamlessly add SMS to your workflows and track events on contact, deal, and company records.

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Simple, Transparent Reporting

Our reporting is clear and comprehensive. With one click, view metrics on messages sent, delivered, replied to and opt-outs.

Regulatory Support

Industry regulations are evolving. Don’t worry – we’ll help you remain compliant and your text messages flowing. We work closely with industry regulators and  aggregators to stay on top of evolving  regulations so your messages continue to be delivered.

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What do teams use Message IQ for?

Automated Messaging

Send SMS messages from a HubSpot workflow just like email.

SMS Blasts

Create a HubSpot list and send text messages to any group of contacts.

Everything logged in HubSpot

Any message or call gets logged on your contact timeline just like an email.

1:1 messaging

Message someone inside HubSpot from a contact, company, ticket or deal record.

Manage conversations

Easily see and respond to any incoming text message to your company.

Boost your HubSpot Workflows

Why teams Message IQ

response times than email


better open rate than email


better delivery rate than email