Provide your salespeople the correct price list they need to serve each prospect profile.

Stop the Multiple Price List Gymnastics

One of challenges with HubSpot is the ability to set and apply multiple price lists to various partner or customer segments. That’s the gap Price IQ fills.

You need Price IQ if you sell through the channel or offer tiered pricing. Price IQ enables administrators to simply and intuitively set and manage multiple pricing. When creating deals, the sales team selects the  appropriate price list for the customer profile they are working with and standard pricing is applied.

Price IQ enables HubSpot administrators to simply, intuitively, and quickly create a variety of price levels by applying and saving discounts to full prices list or indivual SKUs.

Standardize Pricing Per Target Segment

More than one price list?  No problem. With Price IQ, your sales team can now access multiple prices for any product down to the individual SKU. Update all or just one line item on any deal with your set pricing and never leave HubSpot.

Price IQ set pricing

It’s So Easy To Manage Price Lists.

Stop using spreadsheets and email to manage and manipulate price lists. Price IQ is one centralized place to administer price lists. Apply discount rates to a single SKU, a subset or the full product list and save the updated list as a new segment. That’s it. Your sales team can access and apply that price list from the HubSpot deal record.

Price IQ price list picker