Free customer service agents from answering the same questions about status on your product or sevice fulfillment.

Where is My…

Customer service costs are scaling along with your increased sales. Simply and quickly empower your customers to find self-serve the answers to fulfillment-related questions. With just 2 minutes of setup, you can provide a personalized customer-service portal that displays current status and shipping information for orders.

Status IQ portal

Reduce Customer Service Burden

Tired of getting emails and calls asking “Where’s My _____?” or “What’s The Status of My ____?”  With Status IQ, your customers can see their status of any ticket or deal in HubSpot.

Build A Customer Portal In 2 Minutes

We’re not kidding about delivering your customer status portal in 2 minutes. Status IQ presents your choice of deal or ticket information in a tidy, branded portal that customers access via their email address or phone number.

Status IQ Configuration Page

What do teams use Status IQ for?

Reduce Customer Frustation
Reduce time spent documenting processes and creating SOPs.
Self-Serve Visibility
Ensure employees adopt new tools quickly and correctly.
Boost Customer Satisfaction
Onboard new hires quickly and reduce strain on SMEs.
1:1 messaging

Maximize your customer experience by messaging people 1:1 inside HubSpot or on your phone.

Re-engagement campagins
Help answer your teammates’ questions quickly
Boost your workflow’s performance

Why teams Status IQ

faster than manual documentation


increase in productivity


easier to find answers to your questions